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        Sweet day,so cool,so calm,so bright! 甜美的白晝,如此涼爽、安寧、明媚!

        The bridal of the earth and sky- 天地間完美的匹配-----

        The dew shall weep thy fall to-night; 今宵的露珠兒將為你的消逝而落淚;

        For thou must die. 因為你必須離去。

        Sweet rose,whose hue angry and brave, 美麗的玫瑰,色澤紅潤艷麗,

        Bids the rash gazer wipe his eye, 令匆匆而過的人拭目而視,

        Thy root is ever in its grave, 你的根永遠扎在墳墓里,

        And thou must die. 而你必須消逝。

        Sweet spring,full of sweet days and roses, 美妙的春天,充滿了美好的日子和芳香的玫瑰,

        A box where sweets compacted lie, 如一支芬芳滿溢的盒子,

        My music shows ye have your closes, 我的音樂表明你們也有終止,

        And all must die, 萬物都得消逝。

        Only a sweet and virtuous soul, 唯有美好而正直的心靈,

        Like season'd timber,never gives; 猶如干燥備用的木料,永不走樣;

        But though the whole world turn to coal, 縱然整個世界變為灰燼,

        Then chiefly lives. 它依然流光溢彩。

        Stars, Bulbs, and Light Pollution 都是光“害”的!
        Basking in the Land of Smiles “泰”好玩!
        A Treasure Ship Captain 鄭和下西洋──三保太監的不朽航程
        I Think, Therefore I Am Here 冥想──邁向身心合一的空靈境界
        Fun With English 英文萬花筒
        Venetian Vacation 浪漫水都─威尼斯
        The Man on the Moon? 帶我去月球?
        Welcome to the Bottom of the World 南極大陸─世界最后的凈土
        Love is All We Need 愛情大補帖
        Keeping up With Science 喝咖啡打擊瞌睡蟲?落伍了!
        The Gentleman Thief 怪盜亞森·羅蘋
        Why Stay in Bed? 早起的蟲兒被鳥吃?